Will Google Assistant be available in all Volvo models?

Which Volvo cars will have Google Assistant

Google Assistant Basics

The Sensus infotainment system by Volvo plans to incorporate the ultra powerful Google voice-activated Google Assistant into its platform, and so far it looks like that's exactly what is going to happen. Google Assistant is generally well-known to the public. Tell Google what you want it to do in your home, and it'll do it. For example, you can have it dim the lights in your bedroom or adjust the temperature on your thermostat. The Assistant will be performing all new functions in the Volvo that are specific to your driving experience.

The idea behind this partnership is that people driving need to be able to interact with their newly connected vehicles in a way that's safe. And that means voice-activated controls that don't take the driver's focus off the road. With hands-free communication between your Volvo and Google Assistant, distracted driving will be reduced and people will be able to safely interact and command their cars in ways that are revolutionary. The question now becomes which models of Volvo will now carry forward with Google Assistant on board.

Which Volvo cars will have Google Assistant

Google Assistant Availability in Volvo Models

Henrik Green, senior vice president of research and development at Volvo Cars, says of the partnership, "“The Android platform, Google services and Google’s working relationship with app developers in-house and worldwide will help us further improve the Volvo car experience.” As Volvo models roll forward it's a question of whether or not ALL models will have Google Assistant.

Since Google Assistant is being integrated within the Sensus Infotainment System, it's safe to say that Volvo models that include Sensus Infotainment systems will come equipped with Google Assistant and other software programs that run on the Android platform, and that's great news for people who plan to buy Volvo brand cars in a few years. You'll be able to use the hands-free Assistant to make things like starting your vehicle on a cold day even easier. It's as simple as saying, "Google... do this for me." Not in those words of course, but you get the idea. It's an exciting time for both Google Assistant developers and Volvo Cars as they work together to make sure that the systems are seamlessly integrated and fully capable of helping future customers enjoy them stress free. Integrating and partnering technologies like this together are done in an effort to make life easier for the user. This can take years to perfect, and you can bet that both Volvo and Google will make sure that the best impression is made when they finally release these technologies. For now, it's possible that they might be available on all cars, but that has not been confirmed or denied because both technologies are still in development.

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Our dealership looks forward to the day that Google Assistant is available in Volvo vehicles. Until then, we're always game to answer questions about how Google Assistant works in general and how the software might improve the Volvo experience. And as always, we're readily available to answer any and all questions about current Volvo models that might interest our customers. Ask us anything! Our customer service team is trained to give you a premium customer service experience, and that means we truly know our stuff and can share information with you. Just like our sales team, we're professional, friendly, and able to impart a lot of knowledge about any model of Volvo vehicle. If you have questions or just want to make a comment, contact Crest Volvo Cars today via phone or our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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