How Does PowerPulse Help Volvo To Eliminate Turbo Lag?

Volvo PowerPulse

In its efforts to give drivers the speed that most V6 vehicles have, Volvo has turned to four-cylinder engines with turbochargers attached. The problem that arises from such setup is turbo lag. Volvo is not unaware of its cars' hesitation when accelerating, which is why the brand has created and introduced its PowerPulse feature.

Turbo Lag Explained

Many Volvo owners do not understand the reason behind their cars' inability to smoothly go from low speed to high miles per hour (MPH) rates. Turbo lag, then, is the delay in time between the pressing of the throttle to the actual feel of torque power. The lag is the result of the vehicle's engine being unable to create enough exhaust pressure to get the turbo feature set into high gear and send compressed air through the system. Drivers experience extended instances of delay when RPMs are at their lowest, which is why you may find it challenging to get your Volvo to go from 0 to 60 MPH in a matter of seconds.

Some wonder why car makers do not craft a turbocharged motor that is capable of annihilating lag and handling the road with all efficiency. The answer to such wondering is found in the principle of the turbo feature needing to match a specific RPM to work. Reducing turbo abilities to adapt to a lower RPM would lead to overspeeding and subsequent failure. In like manner, a turbocharged engine that only handles things well at high levels will likely give way when RPMs are low. Turbo lag, then, appears to be a necessary evil as it is the only way to find a balance in the system.

How Does The Technology Actually Work?

The twin-turbo D5 diesel engine gives drivers the luxury of reduced turbo lag. The system works so that an electric compressor fills up a tank that is not attached to the engine. The contents of the unattached container are essentially air that arose during the turbocharger uptick. Air from the tank goes into the engine's exhaust manifold when throttle levels climb quickly. This process leads to reduced wait time for power.

You can learn more about PowerPulse technology when you stop by and test drive a 2018 Volvo car or truck. Come by today to get a lesson from one of our exuberant staff!

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