How To know It's Time For An Oil Change?

Do you need an oil change

The quality of your car's engine influences how well it operates and how long the car will last over time. Getting an oil change is necessary to keep the parts lubricated and working efficiently. If you want to know if it's time to get an oil change, there are a few indicators that the engine needs immediate maintenance to avoid potential problems.

Illuminated Maintenance Reminder

One of the main signs that you need an oil change is if a maintenance reminder is illuminated on your dashboard. The engine uses different algorithms to determine when the oil needs to be replaced, but sometimes it's not always accurate. The light may come on when you've added a specific amount of miles to the car, but may not take the oil level into account. You'll not only need to rely on the maintenance reminder but should also be looking under the hood to check the oil level on the dipstick to determine when to perform an oil change.

Unusual Noises

Oil Change

You can expect for unusual noises to occur due to parts that are no longer adequately lubricated if you wait too long to perform an oil change. Ticking or knocking noises are common once there's insufficient oil in the engine. The parts can also reach different temperatures if they're not properly lubricated, which can lead to additional issues or repairs. If you wait until you begin to hear noises, there may already be extensive damage that is present, which can mean you may have to replace the entire engine. Instead of waiting until a few signs develop, opt for keeping a maintenance schedule and tracking your miles to know when it's time to perform an oil change.

Exhaust Smoke

Dark smoke that is released from your exhaust is a sign that there may be an oil leak in the engine. Although it's common to see a small amount of smoke coming from the tailgate on colder days, your car shouldn't be releasing dark smoke on a consistent basis when it's running.

Sluggish Acceleration

If you notice that your car is taking longer than normal to accelerate on the road, it's a sign that your oil needs to be changed. Engines that aren't lubricated with clean oil can be affected by how well they run because the parts aren't operating as smoothly. The car also may have a rough idle when you're stopped at a stop light as it begins to shake and rattle. The oil may be dirty if it's causing the car to shake, meaning oil needs to be added for more lubrication in the engine.

Oil Smells

When riding in the cabin of your vehicle, you shouldn't be smelling oil in the interior setting when the car is operating. If you continue to pick up the scent of oil, it's a sign that there is possibly an oil leak in the engine. If the leak is neglected, it can cause the engine to have a lack of lubrication over time, which can lead to the smell of burning oil that continues to become stronger the more you drive. You'll need to take the car in to get inspected by a professional to ensure that the issue is immediately diagnosed.

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