Volvo Lifetime Parts & Labor Warranty

The exceptional quality of Volvo vehicles has sustained the test of time and many buyers have chosen the automaker for that specific reason. However, just like all vehicles, a Volvo is only as good as the warranties that back it up! And, Volvo has a superior warranty that provides all the assurances you need and eliminates all the guesswork.

Volvo introduced the Service Advantage Program four years ago to provide owners with an opportunity to lower ownership costs, while at the same time, enhancing their loyal customer base. All Volvo are eligible for the program, regardless of model or year. The best-in-class Lifetime Parts and Labor Warranty is available for each owner who has their vehicle serviced by an authorized Volvo dealer with Volvo Genuine parts. With the Lifetime Parts and Labor Warranty, you pay for parts and service once, and you never pay for the same parts or service ever again! As long as you remain the same owner, the warranty stays intact and provides you with long-term coverage.

Making a Warranty Claim

In order for you to show that your vehicle is eligible for the Lifetime Parts and Labor Warranty, you must present the original repair order or service ticket to an authorized Volvo dealer. The Volvo Genuine part cannot be an item that was purchased over-the-counter; however, those parts still maintain a one year warranty from the date of purchase. It's recommended that you make a copy of the original repair order, which is best saved electronically by uploading to a computer for safe keeping. NOTE: Any Volvo Genuine part that is purchased over-the-counter, but later installed at an authorized Volvo dealership, is eligible for the Lifetime Parts and Labor Warranty. Additionally, if parts are installed due to a collision repair, they will be included for coverage through the warranty.

Non-Covered Parts

Of course, with every warranty, there are exclusions. Although Volvo have a wide array of covered parts and service that are eligible for the Lifetime Parts and Labor Warranty, certain wear and tear items are excluded from warranty coverage.

The non-covered items include, but are not limited to fan belts, spark plugs, fuses, brake pads, timing belts, light bulbs, upholstery, wiper blades, tires, and battery.

New Vehicle Warranty

Are you wondering how your new vehicle warranty affects the Lifetime Parts and Labor Warranty? If so, that's a very good question! If a claim is made under the new vehicle warranty, then the parts and labor are still covered under its existing warranty and does not extend to the Lifetime Parts and Labor Warranty. For instance, if a part is replaced and serviced by an authorized Volvo dealer, and there are six months remaining on the new vehicle warranty, the part is still covered for the remaining time left. However, if that same part is replaced after the new vehicle warranty expires, then the Lifetime Parts and Labor Warranty would take effect.

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