Care by Volvo program

Vehicles represent a major investment, and as such, they should be protected in some way. A new approach to getting a quality car for yourself is the Care by Volvo Program. An alternative to buying or leasing, this program is unique in that it doesn't involve any hidden fees, no up-front payments, and no fuss.

Care by Volvo is a subscription program, meaning that you'll have to pay a monthly fee. For that cost, you'll get to drive a new Volvo car of your choice in addition to having your tax, insurance, maintenance, servicing, and repairs taken care of. All of those extra items that you would have to set up on your own are built in, saving you time and energy.

A few more benefits come with the program as well. You can access concierge services when you need them, and whenever a service appointment is due, the Care by Volvo team will pick your car and handle it. There's nothing to worry about in terms of paying for oil changes or unexpected issues since they're all folded into to the program. When you get your vehicle back after its appointment, it'll be spotless after having been run through the car wash. If a repair takes longer than usual, you can request to be set up with a different car during that period.

To arrange for your new Volvo to be sent to you, everything can be done online. You'll have to fill in a few basics about what type of vehicle you prefer and how you'd like to be billed. Overall, the process is fairly straightforward, especially in comparison with how much paperwork it takes to buy a new car and start insurance coverage.

If you have any questions about this innovative program in which customers are the priority, just let us know at Crest Volvo Cars. We'd be happy to walk you through the benefits, and we know you'll be pleased to see how easy it can be to start driving a new Volvo. To see which model you'd like to drive, check out a few in person at our dealership and take them for a spin to help you decide.

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