Traffic in the Metroplex can get congested from time to time. The good news: Volvo Pilot Assist, available on many Volvo cars and SUVs near Richardson, TX, at Crest Volvo Cars, is ready to help ease the strain of a daily commute or a road trip using innovative technology!

Volvo Pilot Assist near Garland Combines Two Interactive Safety Technologies

Many cars have a form of lane keeping assist, which keeps the vehicle centered in a lane when clear markings are detected. Many have adaptive cruise control, which can automatically slow or accelerate a vehicle to maintain a pre-determined following distance with the traffic ahead.

Volvo Pilot Assist near Allen, TX, combines these two technologies for a remarkable driving experience. With your hands on the wheel, Volvo Pilot Assist near Dallas in the XC90 will gently adjust steering, acceleration, and braking, helping you navigate the highways to your destination.

You can activate Volvo Pilot Assist using the buttons on the left side of the steering wheel. A green steering wheel icon indicates that Volvo Pilot Assist is on and the steering is active. You can then set your desired speed and following distance. You'll notice the gentle automatic acceleration and braking as the Volvo keeps pace with traffic. If you need to pass another vehicle, just accelerate manually. The system automatically return the Volvo to the proper setting, making the adjustments while you enjoy the commute with your hands safely on the wheel.

Important Safety Reminders with Volvo Pilot Assist

Volvo Pilot Assist near Richardson, TX, is fun feature that can greatly enhance your highway-driving experience. It's important to remember that you're always in control of the car or SUV when Volvo Pilot Assist is engaged.

  • Keep Your Hands on the Steering Wheel: Volvo Pilot Assist will give warnings and eventually disengage if your hands aren't on the wheel.
  • Steer the Volvo: The system might not always detect lane markings, sharp curves, and can't detect debris on the road. You can always steer the vehicle when Volvo Pilot Assist, and can easily switch to adaptive cruise control if needed.
  • Designed for Dry Conditions: The system might not be able to detect lane markings in wet weather. It's recommended that Volvo Pilot Assist near Garland only be used when conditions are dry and normal.

Talk to the Team at Crest Volvo Cars Near Dallas to Learn More

Volvo is renowned for its innovative technology and features, and Volvo Pilot Assist is another part of that lasting legacy. When you're ready to see Volvo Pilot Assist in action, talk to the team at Crest Volvo Cars!

Our expert staff can explain all the advantages of Volvo Pilot Assist, and even take you for a test drive so you get a live demonstration. Volvo Pilot Assist near Richardson, TX, can revolutionize your driving experience. Stop by Crest Volvo Cars today and see how easy driving with Volvo Pilot Assist can be.

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