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Volvo EX90 Aims To Be The Safest Car On The Road

Volvo EX90 Aims To Be The Safest Car On The RoadThe vehicle from Volvo, known as the EX90, is currently focused on being the safest car that anyone has on the road.

Safety from Volvo

Volvo representatives have brought up before that they want to realize a world where vehicles from Volvo just don't get in accidents at all. The idea is that with this new car, Volvo has started to lose the distance between reality and its dream. The Ex90 is the electric car from Volvo that will serve as their flagship once it comes out.

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New Volvo Models Offer Family-Friendly Readiness and Comfort

Volvo is the brand that's holistically family friendly. With safety being the sole underpinning of every Volvo luxury model produced, nothing on the market in Frisco compares. Your preferred Volvo SUV or estate wagon comes perfectly suited for Plano families.

At Crest Volvo Cars, we’re only too willing to explain and describe all those models that remain popular near Dallas. Our new Volvo inventory speaks of altruism concerning the environment and occupants alike.

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Order Volvo Pet Accessories Near Garland, TX

Not many brands go out of their way to accommodate the concerns of Plano pet owners when traveling. This not the case with Volvo.

Considering the principles upon which this Scandinavian brand is premised, altruism is readily apparent. As such, several Volvo Genuine Accessories have been designed specifically for the transport of your precious pets.

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Get Your Volvo Serviced for Fall Near Frisco, TX

Frisco Volvo drivers understand the importance of seasonal maintenance. It affords your Volvo luxury vehicle the proper attention before seasons’ change and weather to follow.

As such, Crest Volvo Cars is positioned to extend a maintenance procedure in time for fall. You may then rest assured your Volvo XC90 is up for the challenges ahead.

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Volvo Starting Series Production of Heavy Duty Electric Trucks

Volvo Starting Series Production of Heavy Duty Electric TrucksVolvo Starting Series Production of Heavy Duty Electric Trucks

Volvo has announced that they are now working on making heavy-duty electric trucks. Here's some more information on these sorts of trucks.

Volvo EV Trucks

Volvo Trucks is one of the first global manufacturers of trucks to begin making heavy electric trucks. These heavy-duty trucks are among the most important commodities in the world, given how often they transport products from A to B. This includes options like the Volvo FM, the Volvo FM, or the Volvo FMX.

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New, 2023 Volvo C40 Crossovers Featured Near Garland, TX

Volvo C40 Recharge is a refreshing model for the local market near Frisco, TX.

In offering pure-electric powering, there are no emissions released and reliance on fuel has been eliminated. There are also attributes that effectively promote sustainability in luxury and comfort both.

At Crest Volvo Cars, Volvo C40 remains in demand. Though, pre-ordering and reservations are always welcomed.

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Volvo Testing Wireless Electric Car Charging Tech

Volvo Testing Wireless Electric Car Charging TechDedicated Volvo Cars posted a new press release today, stating that they are now testing wireless electric car charging tech in Sweden.

This process will not require wiring from your car to the charger. Instead, it will likely be an app-based system similar to what Tesla uses. While Tesla does use an app to locate its chargers, the system is still not wireless. You will still have wires from your car to the charger. The difference is that, in this case, your vehicle can communicate with the charger remotely, regardless of where it is.

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