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Summer Travel Service Tips from Crest Volvo Cars

If you're like many residents in Frisco, you're gearing up for a busy summer of fun and activities. Events like concerts, weddings, barbecues, and road trips are probably already on your calendar. While you might be excited about all the good times that await you, your Volvo may not be prepared. High temperatures can be hard on a vehicle. To ensure your Volvo is ready to handle the heat, you'll want to follow these summer travel service tips.

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The Value of Volvo Genuine Parts Near Dallas, TX

What is the best way to maintain your Volvo when it needs preventive maintenance or repair?

Using Volvo OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts will keep your vehicle running like new. After all, you selected your Volvo luxury model because of the value underlying European quality.

At Crest Volvo Cars, you may order Volvo Genuine Parts for at-home garage projects. And for servicing, Volvo OEM parts are installed onsite, near Plano, TX.

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Volvo Spring Maintenance for Promoting Performance, Safety Near Plano, TX

At Crest Volvo Cars, we wish to remind our valued clientele of the importance of spring maintenance.

Each season demands something different of your prized Volvo XC90. And with a dedicated springtime service regime across several important aspects to Volvo performance and safety, you can't go wrong.

Allow our Volvo-certified technicians ready your Volvo S60 for the season ahead outside Frisco.

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Spring 2022 Auto Maintenance Tips

Spring 2022 Auto Maintenance TipsThe spring season is an excellent time to give your car extra attention to avoid potential issues as you spend more time on the road as the weather improves. You can check your owner's manual to follow the recommendations of the automaker, which will increase the lifespan of the vehicle. Here are a few additional tips to follow, which will require the help of a mechanic.
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Your Trusted Volvo Service Mechanic at Crest Volvo Cars in Frisco, TX

Volvo enthusiasts in Frisco, TX should ensure their Volvos are in good condition to deliver the best performance on the road. At Crest Volvo Cars, we want to ensure your Volvo is safe and reliable with our auto repair and maintenance services. Whether you need major repairs or routine maintenance, our auto experts have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time. We can handle all Volvo models, and we will ensure whatever Volvo you drive is in good condition for years to come.

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Which Volvo Has an Android-Powered Infotainment System?

Volvo car driver

Volvo has traditionally been a leader in the area of automotive innovation. This year is no exception, as the Swedish automaker announces its latest foray into the area of technology. For the first time, the Volvo XC40 is equipped with an Android-powered infotainment system. This pairing marks a first for the vehicle and the automaker. The addition of Android to its infotainment system unlocks many new and exciting features for the extra-small luxury SUV.

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3 Top Maintenance Tips for Volvo Vehicles Between Service Visits

Regular visits to Crest Volvo Cars or the shop to check up on your Volvo ensures the ride's running properly, but it's not necessarily the only time your car could use attention. The best ways to maximize performance in Frisco and all over Plano is by giving your car a little personal care. What follows are three top maintenance tips for Volvos between service visits.

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