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Volvo Spring Maintenance for Promoting Performance, Safety Near Plano, TX

At Crest Volvo Cars, we wish to remind our valued clientele of the importance of spring maintenance.

Each season demands something different of your prized Volvo XC90. And with a dedicated springtime service regime across several important aspects to Volvo performance and safety, you can't go wrong.

Allow our Volvo-certified technicians ready your Volvo S60 for the season ahead outside Frisco.

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Volvo V60: Is it the Best Wagon to Buy for 2021?


The 2021 Volvo V60 has made the lists for the best wagon of 2021 created by reputable organizations like Motor Trend and Car and Driver. With its versatile design, high-end luxury, and cutting-edge technology, it's no wonder why the new 2021 V60 stands out in its class. At Crest Volvo Cars, we serve Frisco, TX, and beyond by carrying an impressive selection of the latest V60 wagons.

Learn more about the new 2021 V60 and why it could be right for you.

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Volvo AWD Systems Explained

Volvo AWD

Volvo's AWD systems provide enhanced performance in slippery road conditions and bad weather. The AWD system gives you more precise handling when traveling on wet or icy pavement. When you're on dry pavement, the Volvo system switches to the front wheels for the best fuel efficiency and stability. Let's find out more about how Volvo's AWD systems work.

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