Many drivers are aware that there is a rivalry of sorts between cyclists and car drivers, and it's no secret that anyone not encased in steel would be at a disadvantage, safety-wise. Here in Richardson TX, we know how much the Volvo brand has been paying attention to this issue, and it's apparent in their inclusion of features like cyclist detection and avoidance standard in their new model lineup since 2013. When you leave Allen TX in your Volvo XC60 or XC90, you feel more secure knowing your SUV is looking out.

Still, the threat is still there for other brand owners, and being a cyclist in the Dallas is scary. This is why Volvo has paired with POC, another Swedish company, to develop crash testing for bike helmets. Why? The brand hopes that by doing this, they can decrease the dangers of cyclist-auto crashes and gives pedestrians with or without a helmet a fighting chance.

As the driver of a new or used Volvo S60, you know that you're covered by plenty of safety features, but those who are not driving a car in Garland are not so lucky. If you like to invest in a company that cares about more than increasing their bank accounts, then we're happy to help you find your perfect financing solution.

When you visit us for a test drive to discuss the future of automotive crash testing, we'll be happy to show you how Volvo hopes to end the fatalities that may result in crashes. You can contact us with questions or to discuss the current safety features in your favorite Volvo models.

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