Certified Collision Centers

Crest Collision allays any concern or worry should your vehicle meet with an unfortunate circumstance.

With skilled administrative and I-Car Gold certified repair professionals, and a seasoned management team overseeing all aspects of collision repair, Crest Collision offers a one-stop approach. Trust the coordination and work to Crest Collision and leave satisfied knowing it's been a repair or body job performed thoroughly - without haste.

All Makes, Models Repaired at Crest Collision Near Dallas

It doesn't matter what brand or model you drive. There's an entire Crest Collision process that handles every detail related to your prized vehicle.

In essence, given the reverberations any collision might have, your vehicle may have endured much trauma as a result. It remains paramount our detailed and certified technicians can remedy anything a collision might spur when your Volvo luxury SUV becomes entangled in an accident.

There's knowledge and expertise applied to Jeep repairs, Porsche quarter-panel work and Land Rover front fascia rehabilitation - to name but a few brands.

Your one source for collision care management:

  • Repairs made by trained technicians to ensure Volvo standards, using specialized tools and Volvo Genuine Parts
  • Expert inspection and evaluation
  • Insurance company coordination
  • Alternate transportation facilitation
  • Superior customer satisfaction
  • Complimentary towing to the nearest Volvo Certified Collision Center*

The Collision Repair Process at Crest Collision

Given the nature of a collision and all those extraneous factors surrounding, it's incumbent a collision center can negotiate all administrative and technical aspects related. From preliminary estimates and insurance approvals to actual work performed, Crest Collision is a well-honed operation.

So, should your Subaru Forester require body work resulting from a Richardson accident, the following phases and details kick into action:


The research phase encompasses the estimation of damage to your Land Rover by a skilled, Crest Collision estimator. This formally documents the repair side of collision work in concert with the estimate prepared by your insurance carrier.

Before any movement can take place, you must authorize Crest Collision to perform repairs as known. Another signature may be required should the start of work uncover any hidden damage. As well, your insurance carrier must approve the repair estimate prior to work performed.


The discovery phase of a Crest Collision repair begins with an appointment made convenient for you. Though, if your Acura is already here, diagnosing and damage discovery will be performed immediately. This preliminary process allows for body panels to be removed for a closer inspection of any hidden damage underlying.

With hidden damage found, a supplemental damage report will be authored for your insurance carrier to approve. Any additional estimates and damage reports must be approved accordingly for repair work to begin in earnest.

Given all approvals, unibody work starts along those same structural standards as when your Chrysler was first built. Measurements are taken specific to factory parameters to later ensure all ordered parts and components fit perfectly within frame and body.

When installing parts, a certain degree of cosmetic attention is paid to panels and other structural attributes. Bear in mind, all replacement parts, panels and components have a home in which a tight fit is absolutely necessary. Manufacturer's specifications and tolerances have been resultingly adhered to for optimal safety and operation, rest assured.


After all repairs and body work have been completed, the next step is painting.

The vehicle painting process is very involved. It consists of a surface filler being applied to smooth all those touched surfaces. Sanding then takes place prior to the application of a water-based, environmentally friendly paint in a controlled space.

Upon painting, a final inspection is made after all those outer parts have been reattached. A test drive will confirm wheel alignment and HVAC systems are functioning properly. If something is amiss, system repairs are made in totality.

Before being returned, a thorough cleaning and detailing comprises the Crest Collision final touch.

Crest Collision - At The Ready for All Collision Needs

Contact us today for any, all information regarding our greater Dallas area collision center and services performed.

*Volvo will cover the first 25 miles to any authorized Volvo retailer in the case of a mechanical or electrical breakdown. Volvo will cover the first 25 to an authorized Certified Collision Center in the case of an accident. There will be an overage fee for mileage beyond the initial 25 miles.