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How To Maintain Your Car's Value

Volvo Resale Value

Your car is likely one of the most expensive items that you own that are used each day. Over time, cars are prone to depreciate as they age and suffer from wear and tear. If you want to maintain your car's value and allow it to have more appeal once you're ready to sell it, there are a few ways to keep it in excellent condition.

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Will Google Assistant be available in all Volvo models?

Which Volvo cars will have Google Assistant

Google Assistant Basics

The Sensus infotainment system by Volvo plans to incorporate the ultra powerful Google voice-activated Google Assistant into its platform, and so far it looks like that's exactly what is going to happen. Google Assistant is generally well-known to the public. Tell Google what you want it to do in your home, and it'll do it. For example, you can have it dim the lights in your bedroom or adjust the temperature on your thermostat. The Assistant will be performing all new functions in the Volvo that are specific to your driving experience.

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How Does PowerPulse Help Volvo To Eliminate Turbo Lag?

Volvo PowerPulse

In its efforts to give drivers the speed that most V6 vehicles have, Volvo has turned to four-cylinder engines with turbochargers attached. The problem that arises from such setup is turbo lag. Volvo is not unaware of its cars' hesitation when accelerating, which is why the brand has created and introduced its PowerPulse feature.

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What is the Warranty on a New Volvo

Volvo Front Grill

When you purchasing a new Volvo, you are investing in your future. The Volvo brand continues to be a leader in the automobile industry year after year. The warranty for a new Volvo gives you protection for 48 months, or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first.

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Which Volvo has 3rd Row Seating?

2018 Volvo XC90

Need a Volvo with three rows? Take a peek at the 2018 Volvo XC90, a luxury midsize SUV that can be configured with seating for up to seven. The third row is available in both midrange trims of the XC90: the T6 and T8. Here's what you need to know about this premium passenger vehicle.

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