Summer Maintenance Tips  

As you plan to spend more time traveling in your vehicle in the summer season, it's a great time to perform seasonal maintenance to ensure it can handle the extra miles you add as you travel. The hot temperatures and wet conditions can take a toll on your vehicle, making it necessary to work with our dealership in Frisco to prevent excess wear and tear from developing. There are a few maintenance tips to follow to keep your car in great condition.

Change the Oil

Your engine relies on the oil you add to run well and operate without any issues. Changing the oil is one of the best steps to take when caring for your vehicle to ensure the parts are protected and don't grind or develop premature wear. This will also allow the oil to flow a lot better in warm climates.

Check Your Battery

Hire a mechanic to test your car battery to get an idea of how much power it has left. This is effective for keeping your car powered and will prevent you from becoming stranded if it fails to turn on when you need to get around. The battery will last an average of three to four years. Consider replacing it if it's close to the end of its lifespan or if you spot any areas where it has rust.

Inspect Your Tires

Your tires are one of the main parts of your car that require an inspection to get an idea of how much longer they'll last. The tread may be worn down in some spots, which makes it necessary to rotate the tires, especially when you perform an oil change. If the tread is worn down, the tires are now bald and need to be replaced to help you stay safe as the car is in motion and drives on different types of surfaces. You'll also need to check the tire pressure. The tire pressure can be reduced when the tires are exposed to heat, making it necessary to add more air based on your manufacturer's recommendations.

Top Off Your Fluids

Topping off the transmission fluid and coolant will allow the engine to continue operating well and will prevent it from overheating. You can also add more wiper fluid to help your windshield stay clear without grime present.

Our auto service department is here to help improve the quality of your car and allow it to operate well when you drive more this summer season. Reach out to us today.