It's never been easier to assess the value of your current vehicle near Richardson, TX.

And whether you intend on trading or selling outright, Crest Volvo Cars extends an easy-to-negotiate, online tool to value your vehicle.

Incredibly, with simple steps, you'll learn what your vehicle is worth within seconds of submitting your information.

Then, you have the confidence of a known value to place toward a new 2021 Volvo XC40 Recharge — to finance or lease.

How Can I Learn the Value of My Current Vehicle to Sell or Trade?

Used vehicles are in high demand throughout the greater Dallas area. And Crest Volvo Cars has made no secret of its desire to buy any used vehicle to place into inventory.

As well, if your intent on acquiring Volvo Cars' excellence in safety and engineered performance, all the better. With a vast inventory of new Volvo sedans, SUVs and wagons, and Certified by Volvo pre-owned vehicles, you have options.

Here's how to use our online "Value Your Trade-In" tool:

  1. Access the "Value Your Trade-In" page.
  2. At the very top is a blue banner asking, "What's my car worth?" Here, you'll select or enter the type of vehicle for year, brand, model and trim.
  3. Next, a pop-up window comes to life asking for name and contact information. Once entered, the "See Value" button is highlighted to tap.
  4. Once that button is tapped, your vehicle's net value is gleaned, premised upon the Kelley Blue Book trade-in range.
  5. For a more exacting offer, several vehicle-body categories require the uploading of appropriate photos. You'll need your registration card and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to photograph or enter as well. Once entered, a more thorough value is calculated by Crest Volvo Cars.
  6. Once that exact offer is confirmed, scroll down to schedule a visit to Crest Volvo Cars' local Garland dealership.
  7. Or, you may contact Crest Volvo Cars by filling out a short, contact-information form. Then, a dedicated, Certified Vehicle Specialist (CVS) will respond in a prompt manner.

When you visit or speak with a CVS, you'll want to mention whether you'd like to sell your valued, current vehicle or trade toward the all-new, first-ever, 2022 Volvo C40 Recharge — the latest crossover edition to the Volvo pure-electric line-up. Coming soon.

Can I Apply for Financing Online, Too?

Indeed. Crest Volvo Cars has supplied their website with an online financing application to be completed from your Allen home.

With the simplicity of three, online forms to complete, you'll have surmounted that first, potential hurdle to a new Volvo luxury SUV: Financing.

Here's what to expect, at your convenience:

  • Step One asks for the entry of contact information.
  • Step Two requires applicant housing details, monthly residential payments, date-of-birth and Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Step Three concerns employment information and income details.
  • If there is a co-applicant to the financing application, enter all required information at Step Four.

Once you review your completed financing application, submit.

As soon as the details have been confirmed, a Crest Volvo Cars finance professional will reach out with next steps toward unrivalled Scandinavian perfection.

When Can I Search Crest Volvo Cars' New or Used Inventory?

At any time, you may access the Crest Volvo Cars' virtual showroom.

Simply tap here for new Volvo inventory, or pre-owned inventory.

And with knowledge regarding the worth of your current vehicle, the opportunity at acquiring Volvo luxury and famed performance is that much closer.

Crest Volvo Cars — A Texan Approach to Selling, Trading Your Vehicle

With those easy-to-use online tools, visit our local Richardson dealership with that current vehicle value in-hand.

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