If you're like many residents in Frisco, you're gearing up for a busy summer of fun and activities. Events like concerts, weddings, barbecues, and road trips are probably already on your calendar. While you might be excited about all the good times that await you, your Volvo may not be prepared. High temperatures can be hard on a vehicle. To ensure your Volvo is ready to handle the heat, you'll want to follow these summer travel service tips.

Test the Air Conditioning

Now is the perfect time to test your air conditioner to ensure it's blowing enough cold air. You certainly don't want to drive around Plano or far from home on a hot day to discover that the AC isn't working. If things don't seem to be working as they should, you may just need to top up on refrigerant. Our service team can check it out and diagnose the issue.

Top Off Engine Fluids

You probably want to have other fluids in your vehicle checked, as these can evaporate quickly in the hotter months around Dallas. Transmission fluid, coolant, wiper fluid, and power steering fluid might just need to be topped off to prevent breakdown.

Brake Inspection

Volvo is a leader in vehicle safety. However, even the safest and most reliable vehicles could be at risk for accidents if they're not properly maintained. Having your brake system inspected can alert you to worn parts or leaking fluids, keeping you and your passengers safe on roads around Garland.

Call Our Service Department

If you live near Richardson, TX, we invite you to schedule a Volvo service appointment online at our website or by calling our service department. Our trained technicians will ensure your vehicle is ready to take on the heat so you can concentrate on summer travel and fun times.