Volvo Starting Series Production of Heavy Duty Electric Trucks  

Volvo Starting Series Production of Heavy Duty Electric Trucks

Volvo has announced that they are now working on making heavy-duty electric trucks. Here's some more information on these sorts of trucks.

Volvo EV Trucks

Volvo Trucks is one of the first global manufacturers of trucks to begin making heavy electric trucks. These heavy-duty trucks are among the most important commodities in the world, given how often they transport products from A to B. This includes options like the Volvo FM, the Volvo FM, or the Volvo FMX.

These models take up a large percentage of the company's total sales based on their demand. New Volvo Trucks additions of these electric truck models certainly indicate an important and noteworthy development.

It's only been about two years since Volvo debuted its trucks internationally. Only recently have the specifically heavy-duty electric trucks gone into complete production. Their goal is actually to get to 50 percent of sales by 2023. This is how important these trucks could be to the industry. Batteries for these trucks will be coming from a specific Volvo Trucks plant.

The President of the company is himself very optimistic about the production of these heavy-duty trucks and what it might mean to the future of the industry. Even the three most popular trucks could run at a weight over 44 tons. The President said that they had already sold 1000 units before they even went into full production. It even looks like the demand is going to be going up and up over time.

The company is also doing its best to address concerns about what they're calling range anxiety by increasing ranges on this vehicle. The idea is to build out power and range and reduce the worries about getting stuck and stranded somewhere generally. There's also the possibility for trucks that use hydrogen fuel cells to extend ranges to as far as 600 miles or more.


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