Image: Volvo Teases Glimpse of EX30  

The Volvo EX30 is a small electric SUV that's brand new to the Volvo lineup. It promises to be something special in its class and a true labor of love from Volvo. They call it "large for life." The current reveal date for this model is June 7, 2023, and it's then that we'll have first glimpses of the EX30. For now, we can only report on insider expectations and basics.

A Brief Glimpse of the EX30

The EX30 hasn't been revealed, so there isn't a full picture to share or a full range of expectations to report. However, Volvo does have three distinct pictures of the model that rotate on their site. The first picture shows a finely stitched seat with what looks like the world's most comfortable headrest. It's a gray-toned color.

The second and third pictures are of a side view mirror and the rear of the model, but they both evaporate quickly to the more prolonged view of the seat. What we can see is that the side view mirrors look to be a glossy-black color and sculpted into an almost wing-like shape. The model's rear is a shadowy picture in the brief video, with distinct red-reflector tail lamps. It's also possible to spot what might be a sunroof or moonroof and glossy-black roof. The lighting is intentionally shaded in this glimpse, so other things could account for what looks to be a sun or moonroof.

More Information about the Volvo EX30

Our dealership plans to unveil the new Volvo EX30 at the earliest possible date. Until then, we hope you'll take the time to request updates when they're available. Volvo will be teasing information about the EX30 all year, and we'll keep you up to date on the latest official announcements about the Volvo EX30. Feel free to contact us for more information about the Volvo EX30.

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