Sell Us Your Car FAQs

Crest Volvo Cars Wants to Buy Your Car - Any Condition, Any Make

Used vehicles in the greater Dallas, TX, area remain in high demand. And the easier it is to sell your current vehicle to Crest Volvo Cars, the better for all involved.

For Crest Volvo Cars, the benefit comes from adding to an already eclectic used and Certified by Volvo inventory. The more choice there is in new and used inventory for our dedicated clientele near Richardson, the more prominent our reputation for offering quality vehicles - all around.

For the consumer, you have an easy way to earn some cash. Or, you may trade your current vehicle toward a new Volvo XC90 luxury SUV. The options yours to choose.

Why should I sell my current vehicle to Crest Volvo Cars?

Why place an advertisement online or in the local newspaper when you can sell your car to a dealership known for integrity?

With Crest Volvo Cars' technicians assessing the condition and worthiness of your car, you're guaranteed a fair price.

What type of car does Crest Volvo Cars buy?

Any type of car, no matter its condition, is ripe for sale to Crest Volvo Cars. And, if there's an outstanding balance on your current vehicle, no need to worry. Crest Volvo Cars is still interested, and will pay off the remaining balance for you.

Will your offer mirror the Kelley Blue Book (KBB) value?

In any given situation, we may offer more or less than the KBB value. Though helpful, KBB is not in the business of purchasing used cars.

So, once our technicians determine a fair value after inspection, you'll definitely be awarded with the deserved value of your current vehicle.

What does 'Up To' mean when an offer is made?

The "Up To" quantification is really a starting point or estimate. The range of a vehicle's worth might be predicated upon ZIP code for market price and other, online valuation resources.

When a "guaranteed offer" is provided, this comprises the actual sum of your Crest Volvo Cars' corporate check.

I owe money on my current vehicle. What can I do?

Should you have an outstanding balance, simply bring with you the payoff letter from your lender. Then, Crest Volvo Cars goes to work by negotiating and coming to a mutually beneficial payoff amount. Here, you're freed of worry, as Crest Volvo Cars will handle those particulars.

May I sell the car on behalf of someone else?

With all the appropriate documentation as to payment being made to the person whose name is on the title, yes. We want to buy used cars.

If my car isn't running, can I sell that, too?

Crest Volvo Cars is committed to buying any ol' car there is. No matter the condition or how we take delivery, your car has value. And, we want to buy it.

What if I don't have the title, and still owe money?

No worries. Provide Crest Volvo Cars with a payoff letter from your lender, and we'll handle all those details. Given our profession, it's a rather seamless process.

What if I own the car, but lost the title?

Fear not. Contact or visit your local Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to obtain a duplicate.

Do I need other documentation to sell my car?

What you need is your vehicle's title or payoff information. And a valid driver's license of the person named on the title. As well, we'll need all keys and, of course, the vehicle.

How will I get paid?

This very valid question has a simple answer: A newly printed, Crest Volvo Cars' corporate check made out to the title holder.

When You're Ready, Crest Volvo Cars Wants to Buy Your Car Today

For any and all information as to selling your vehicle to Crest Volvo Cars, contact us or visit our local, friendly Richardson dealership.

We're ready to help ... and buy.