Volvo S60 Lease

Welcome! The Volvo S60 is a luxurious, advanced, and sporty mid-sized sedan, and an ideal car to lease new. Leasing a new S60 from Crest Volvo Cars has many potential advantages from maintenance, to lower payments, to less long-term commitment. Take a look at the inventory below to find the new S60 model perfect for your needs.

Are There Any Benefits From Leasing a Volvo S60?

Many benefits can come along with leasing a new car instead of buying. First and foremost, you control the length of the commitment you would like. As opposed to committing to owning a car indefinitely, with a lease, you can customize the length of the lease and the amount of mileage you need to fit your personal needs and budget. Leasing a new S60 is also often cheaper. Down payments and subsequent monthly payments on new S60 leases are generally cheaper than financing and buying a new S60. These payments can also change with the terms of the lease that you choose. In addition, you have the option of adding a warranty that will cover many aspects of the maintenance of your new S60 and give you peace of mind throughout the lease so that all you have to worry about is enjoying your S60. All of the typical advantages of leasing a new S60 complement the fact that you are able to get the satisfaction of a brand new Volvo, typically for similar payments to a used S60. Leasing a new S60 is a very rewarding experience with many potential upsides, and is often the best option for those looking to get into a new, dynamic, and luxurious Volvo.


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