Find Award-Winning Safety at Crest Volvo Cars Near Dallas, TX

Volvo is synonymous with safety. Many of the safety innovations common throughout the automotive industry--like the 3-point seatbelt--were originally developed by Volvo.

Volvo is as dedicated to safety today as it ever was, and that's on display with the selection of award-winning Volvo cars and SUVs near Allen, TX at Crest Volvo Cars. If safety is your top priority, start your search with one of these award-winning selections from Crest Volvo Cars.

Volvo S90

  • 2019 IIHS Top Safety Pick (*with specific headlights)
  • 2018 IIHS Top Safety Pick (*with specific headlights)

Volvo takes care to incorporate the best passive and interactive safety features, and both are on display in the S90 sedan, which is a 2019 and 2018 IIHS Top Safety Pick, with specific headlights. A high-strength boron safety cell protects passengers in the event of a crash, and load limiters on safety belts work to lessen pressure exerted on the body in an impact.

The City Safety feature can detect cyclists, pedestrians, large animals, and other similar objects, alerting the driver and even applying the brakes to help avoid a collision. Run-off Road Mitigation, meanwhile, helps decrease the chances of the car unexpectedly leaving the road by applying brakes and steering to keep it on the driving surface.

Volvo XC40 SUV

  • 2019 IIHS Top Safety Pick+ (*with specific headlights)

The XC40 SUV is the latest Volvo to earn IIHS Top Safety Pick+ honors, when using specific headlights. The XC40 SUV near Allen, TX, like many Volvo models, is equipped with standard lane departure warning and lane departure prevention, as well as top-rated front crash prevention systems.

Features like City Safety and Run-off Road Mitigation contribute toward the Volvo Safety Vision that by 2020, no one will be killed or injured in a new Volvo car.

Volvo XC60

  • 2019 IIHS Top Safety Pick (*with specific headlights)
  • 2018 IIHS Top Safety Pick (*with specific headlights)

The XC60 SUV near Dallas is as safe as it is versatile, earning 2018 and 2019 IIHS Top Safety Pick honors when equipped with specific headlights. This popular midsize crossover is the choice for many because of performance and agility, and it also comes with an unwavering commitment to safety.

If drivers could anticipate suddenly changing conditions, many accidents would be avoided. City Safety and Run-off Road Mitigation both warn and react if necessary, helping Dallas drivers avoid potential incidents.

Volvo XC90 SUV

  • 2019 IIHS Top Safety Pick
  • 2018 IIHS Top Safety Pick

The XC90 is the largest and most spacious Volvo SUV. And needless to say, it's just as safe as the other SUVs in the Volvo lineup. The interactive safety technology, like City Safety, Run-off Road Mitigation, Lane Keep Assist, and more, help warn you to changing conditions.

The XC90 is also strong from the inside out, with a boron-steel safety cell specifically designed to protect the most valuable items in the XC90--the driver and passengers. Safety is at the forefront of every element in in the XC90 near Garland.

Learn More About Volvo Safety near Dallas at Crest Volvo Cars

You can expect a lot from a new Volvo near Allen, TX--superior design, performance, craftsmanship, materials, technology, and, of course, safety. Decades of continuing innovation have been poured into the safety features showcased in the award-winning lineup of Volvo cars and SUVs.

The friendly team a Crest Volvo Cars will be happy to explain how the frame, seat design, and airbag systems in Volvo cars and SUVs combine to make them some of the safest vehicles available in the event of a crash. They'll also be happy to demonstrate how all the interactive safety features can help you avoid an incident!

Come to Crest Volvo Cars near Dallas, TX, and let us show you Volvo's dedication to safety.