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There are many different parts in your Volvo that work together to regulate the engine's temperature. Collectively, these components absorb hot air and dispel it from your car. They also transport coolant fluid to the engine. Leaks, corrosion, and slipped belts are some of the possible issues that can cause these parts to stop working and, in turn, put your engine at risk of overheating. If your Volvo's engine does start getting too hot, you may notice symptoms ranging from a warning light that illuminates on the car's dashboard to a full-blown engine failure that leaves you stranded on the road. If you suspect a problem with the engine, contact us right away for service.

Cooling System Problems

One of the largest possible sources of engine overheating is a problem that comes from the cooling system. Numerous parts make up the cooling system, ranging from connective components such as the hoses or belts to the spark plugs, heater core, water pump, radiator, head gaskets, and more. These parts can break, which in turn makes the cooling system stop working correctly. Holes, cracks, and leaks can also develop due to problems resulting from the cooling system's components wearing out. A drop in coolant fluid levels in the reservoir or leaking coolant fluid, indicated by orange, blue, or green liquid leaking from your car or a sweet smell, can signal problems with the cooling system that need to be addressed.

Radiator or Radiator Fans

The radiator, which is accompanied by fans, is a critical component in the cooling system. Your car's radiator can stop functioning for a few reasons, which then means it can't maintain the right volume of coolant fluid flow to the engine. If there is a problem with the radiator fans, the radiator also won't remove hot air to keep the engine at the right temperature.

Low Fluid Levels

If your car doesn't have enough coolant fluid, to begin with, the engine is likely to overheat. While you will occasionally have to add coolant fluid to maintain the right level, your car should not suddenly require frequent coolant refills. If it does, there is most likely a leak somewhere within the cooling system. Coolant fluid that becomes too thick or contaminated won't be able to reach the engine either, which means it's essential to keep up with the manufacturer's recommended oil changes.

If your Volvo needs engine diagnostics and repairs, contact our dealership for assistance.


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