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Volvo explores the Ever-Changing Relationship Between Americans and their Car

2019 Volvo XC40

A poll conducted on behalf of Volvo indicates that an overwhelming majority of Americans are seeking to simplify their lives when at home and in their vehicles. This same poll also shows that 91% of these individuals feel better when their lives are simplified. The poll was conducted to explore the evolving relationship between Americans and their vehicles. This report keys in on the changing attitudes towards possessions and modern luxury purchases.

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Volvo Cars and POC Develop Car-Bike Helmet Crash Test

Many drivers are aware that there is a rivalry of sorts between cyclists and car drivers, and it's no secret that anyone not encased in steel would be at a disadvantage, safety-wise. Here in Richardson TX, we know how much the Volvo brand has been paying attention to this issue, and it's apparent in their inclusion of features like cyclist detection and avoidance standard in their new model lineup since 2013. 

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