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Volvo AWD Systems Explained

Volvo AWD

Volvo's AWD systems provide enhanced performance in slippery road conditions and bad weather. The AWD system gives you more precise handling when traveling on wet or icy pavement. When you're on dry pavement, the Volvo system switches to the front wheels for the best fuel efficiency and stability. Let's find out more about how Volvo's AWD systems work.

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Volvo To End Production of Diesel Models

For many years, Volvo has maintained a strong focus on sustainable processes and products. The Swedish automaker has also made clear its belief that the future is electric. Recently, Volvo took a dramatic step forward with the announcement that it will soon be discontinuing all production of diesel-powered automobiles. The news won't have a direct effect on Americans, as Volvo currently doesn't sell diesel sedans, wagons, or SUVs in the United States. The change will be most notable in Europe, where diesel-use is more widespread.

For a large company to take such significant action is a...

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